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Legislation & Advocacy

PHCC of California offers Members and Contractors industry representation on a


PHCC of California sends out ACTION ALERTS – a call to action for membership, typically a one-click letter writing campaign on issues critical to membership. The PHCC of California is constantly monitoring local and state legislation to assure that any new legislation does not impact the business climate in a negative way.

The PHCC of California partners with other associations such as CFEC, CAAAT and CSLB to pursue the enactment of legislation focused on improving the strength and reputation of the industry.



  • Federal Advocacy

    PHCC of California monitors a variety of advocacy sources for Federal efforts that affect open-shop contractors and works closely with National PHCC in their annual Capital Hill event.


  • State & Regulatory Advocacy

    PHCC of California reviews all introduced legislation and continually monitors amendments for bills that may affect the interest of Members and Contractors. Upon approval of leadership, positions are conveyed about Legislation to the authors, appropriate committees and administration officials.


  • Communications

    PHCC of California provides regular updates of Legislative and Regulatory activities to Members and Contractors.

Whether it's fighting for fair and open competition, rising professional standards, or developing tomorrow's apprentices and trainees; PHCC of California continues to make a positive impact for Members and Contractors at the government, business, and industry levels.

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