The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association has been helping P-H-C contractors reach their goals and combine their strengths for over 120 years. PHCC of California delivers resources and training that advance the P-H-C industry as a science and a profession.

Why do the industry’s top independent contracting professionals join PHCC?

ACCESS TO KNOWLEDGE: You are the one your employees turn to when they need answers.  Who do YOU turn to when you need an answer?  At PHCC we're here to help.  When you join, you are part of a diverse group of contractors. Our members operate large, medium and small companies. They perform work in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects; maintain union and open-shops; and engage in maintenance, remodeling and service and repair.  Our contractor/members share their best practices and experience in fun and exciting settings such as lunch and dinner meetings, holiday events, trade shows, conventions and conferences.  We are not your competition, we're your colleagues and we GET the challenges you face like no one else does.

Our Mission Statement:

The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association is dedicated to the advancement and education of the plumbing and HVACR industry for the health, safety, and comfort of society and the protection of the environment. 

PHCC of California Past President and Owner of George Salet Plumbing, Inc. George Salet:

 At lunch I was bragging to a friend of mine about the benefits of belonging to the PHCC. I described a typical 'PHCC' day I had just had:  I received a quote that was $800 under my current policy for auto insurance company because of my PHCC discount. I told him that very morning I had a code question about soldering trap primers underground, so I called Nick at Plumbworks Plumbing, a fellow PHCC member and asked him what the local inspectors wanted to see.  Nick informed me that it was a gray area and that silver soldering always passed.     That afternoon, I received a call from Geno at Caccia Plumbing, also a PHCC member.  He asked me about computer software he was looking for, and since I am also looking for a new plumber, I got the lowdown on how his "Help Wanted" Ad on Craigslist was performing. Later on that day I received a call from a good customer looking for heating repairs. Since I don't do heating I referred them to Cabrillo Plumbing, another PHCC Member.

My friend asked me if I wasn't concerned about other members muscling in on my customers? I replied that it has never happened, that occasionally we bid against each other, but I probably got 100 referrals from members for every job I lost. After all, we are professionals and treat each other as such. I also explained that I can recommend fellow PHCC members because I know them, we meet every month for a dinner.

Then our burgers arrived and our conversation moved to food and the Giants.

George Salet
Past President, PHCC of California
Owner, George Salet Plumbing, Inc.
PHCC of California

From Mike Barker, Owner of Barker & Sons Plumbing & Vice President of the PHCC of California:

The following examples are only two of the many networking benefits I’ve received as a member of PHCC.  I was out of town attending the PHCC National Convention in Philadelphia, and received a call at 9pm on a Friday night from one of my guys in the field.  He was working 20 feet up on what he thought was a 2” water line which turned out to be 2.5”.  He did not have parts for it, and called me asking what to do.  I called one of my PHCC friends, and, while he didn’t have the part, he knew another member who did.  That person left their home at 9:30 at night, had my tech meet him at his shop and provided the part.  Such is the relationship we have with each other in PHCC.  In addition, while I was at the same convention, I spoke with a fellow member of PHCC regarding an operation procedure that her company had implemented that I was interested in.  She invited me to visit her shop upon our return to California and have all of my questions answered.   It is a difficult environment right now to conduct business.  My PHCC relationships have improved the way I do business, and have helped me when I needed it

Mike Barker
Vice President, PHCC of California
Owner, Barker & Sons, PHCC ORSB

PHCC of California serves its members and the P-H-C profession with leading-edge publications, conferences, trade shows, events and career resources.  

EDUCATION: In response to the growing demand for qualified plumbers and as a service to the industry, the PHCC of California offers the CAPHCC Journey Level Certification Test & Preparation Course.  This is an important opportunity for improved success for you or your employees, better quality of workmanship and increased credibility for your company. 

Why test for the PHCC of California Journey Level Certification?  If you want...

  •     To demonstrate your advanced knowledge in the plumbing industry
  •     To gain instant professional credibility
  •     To have knowledgeable conversations with clients/homeowners
  •     To stand head and shoulders above the competition
  •     To increase your earnings potential
  •     To advance your career

To learn more click here.

PHCC of California offers a Federally Registered Apprenticeship Program statewide, with training schools in Sacramento, Alameda and San Diego.  PHCC GSA PUAC offers a State Registered Apprenticeship Training Program in Sacramento available to contractors in 46 Northern California counties. (See link below)

In addition, almost every local PHCC association offers comprehensive and state of the art plumbing training to its members.  Contact your local PHCC association for further details.

Our Past President, George Salet and Owner of George Salet Plumbing, Inc. in Brisbane, CA speaks to this important member benefit:

As a member of PHCC my company George Salet Plumbing has had several of our plumbers trained by the PHCC apprenticeship program. The benefits have been enormous. While we have in-house training, the apprenticeship program covers all the phases of plumbing, not just installation or repair. The cost has been very reasonable and also creates a bond between the company and the worker. Employees realize that when the employer pays for their education that it doesn't just benefit the company, it benefits the employee with training they can use for life.

To sum it up The PHCC apprenticeship training has made my company more profitable by having trained Plumbers in the field and less turnover of employees.


George Salet
Past President, PHCC of California
Owner, George Salet Plumbing, Inc.
PHCC of San Francisco

2013-2014 President of PHCC of California, Guy Tankersley, Owner of Cal Delta Plumbing in Sacramento, CA relates his experience training with PHCC of California/PHCC GSA Training Facility:

What can the PHCC do for you and your company?  Let me tell you what it's done for me and my company.  Training is one of the major benefits to being a PHCC member.  I have sent several apprentices through the PHCC training program and it does work.  Those students/plumbers during and affter completing their 4 year program are more efficient, better educated, more professional and confident with better performance in the field compared to others that are not trained through the PHCC program.  I would feel comfortable letting any one of my graduates run work for our company the day after they graduate.

So, if you're not a member, or even if you are, please call the California PHCC office at 916-640-0910 and talk to our staff about how we can help you and your company's training needs or for apprentices that we are currently training that are out of work, and can be sent to one of your prevailing wage jobs to keep you in compliance with federal, state and local laws.

Guy Tankersley
President, PHCC of California
Owner, Cal Delta Plumbing PHCC of the Sacramento Valley

PHCC San Diego Members are actively engaged with their Federally Approved Apprenticeship and Training Program, namely the Paul D. Chilson PHCC of San Diego Training Facilities:

Harley Perry, Director of Training for the PHCC of California and Owner of Perry Plumbing in San Diego writes the following:

I have been fortunate to have been involved with the Paul D. Chilson PHCC of San Diego Apprenticeship Training Program from the beginning, I have seen it grow from 1 instructor to 4. I have seen firsthand just how good all our instructors are, the quality and understanding of the plumbing industry they possess has been invaluable to the PHCC and to the students in our classes. I commend the PHCC of San Diego for stepping up to the plate and starting this very much needed program for our industry.

The students I have in this program have improved in many ways since starting 4 years ago. They have gone from a general knowledge, to a more specific knowledge and understanding of the plumbing trade. Their understanding of the codes and installation procedures have improved tremendously, their confidence has improved much more that I had ever expected. Both of my students, graduated this year and are quickly becoming top plumbers in my company, and both have expressed to me how much they have learned and appreciate being part of this apprenticeship program. Thank You PHCC. 


Harley Perry
Owner, Perry Plumbing
PHCC San Diego
Director of Training, PHCC of California

Bill Howe, Owner of Bill Howe Plumbing writes the following:

Our technicians have learned their basic tool knowledge and new tools in the industry. They are always kept current on new advancements in the industry. Their understanding of the plumbing code as enabled them to make decisions while in the field which increased their confidence with the customer. The hours of training they perform in the classroom has helped them make the proper repair in the field. They learn how to make the corrections needed in a timely fashion.

Bill Howe
Owner, Bill Howe Plumbing
Past President, PHCC of San Diego

Lani Testa, of My Plumber writes:

Not only is the PHCC Educational Foundation helping to shape the industry's future, but the hands on training and the most up to date code information forces our students to be prepared for our ever changing industry and our market place. The students are able to start from scratch and learn proper habits from the beginning that allows them to take pride in their craftsmanship. The level of knowledge that our students have acquired has dramatically improved their confidence in the presence of their peers and our customers. 

If your goal is to protect the health and safety of the nation then I recommend that you enroll in the PHCC apprenticeship program because education is the only way! I hope to see you next year!

Lani Testa
My Plumber
Director, PHCC of San Diego

PHCC of Alameda/Contra Costa's Federal Apprenticeship Program produces some of the finest plumbers in the state.  PHCC ACCC's Raymond Bonetti writes:

I cannot be more adamant about the need for training in the plumbing industry. Every year the previous generations of plumbers are retiring with a new generation that is filling the vacancies, but with little or no training. The smallest plumbing mistake may not only be costly but could result in illness and even death.

There are PHCC training schools throughout the state that produce top notched journeyman plumbers. I am involved both locally and in the state training school. I can confirm that the local PHCC training school in Livermore, CA has produced top rated journeymen plumbers. In the past four years the local has had two winners at the state apprenticeship contest and one that won the National apprenticeship contest. It’s great to have an apprentice from your school win a contest like that but what’s more important is the training. All of the current PHCC schools in the state are producing quality journeymen and journeywomen. If you are planning on sending someone to any of the programs, be assured they will come out fully trained and ready to work.

We currently have two students in the local PHCC-ACCC Training Foundation program.

Raymond Bonetti
Owner, Frank Bonetti Plumbing, Inc.
Zone 4 Director and Past President, PHCC of California
Past President, PHCC of Alameda & Contra Costa County

GOVERNMENT RELATIONS/LEGISLATION: PHCC of California provides the p-h-c industry representation in a number of different areas, including small business issues, healthcare reform, tort reform, tax-related matters, and code and regulatory affairs, etc.  PHCC of California provides liaison and advocacy support through the Contractors State License Board, assisting in resolving licensing issues and disputes.PHCC of California works with numerous agencies to make sure the concerns and interests of plumbing-heating-cooling contractors are understood and addressed.  PHCC works individually and through coalitions to reduce the paperwork burden on business owners.    The Government Relations Department also provides 'Action Alerts': notices and compliance assistance to PHCC members so contractors understand the regulations and how best to comply with the law as well as direction for contacting our state representatives on bills that affect our industry, trade and the way we do business.

“Thank you PHCC….you are always there for me. I sincerely appreciate you handling our DBA issue with the California State License Board. I was just thrilled to have you help me with the paperwork but you even took it a step further. Who would expect anyone to walk the paperwork over to the CSLB offices and not only deliver the paperwork, but see it through to the end.

This is about the 4th time in the past 4 years you have come through in dealing with CSLB red tape. You have been a wealth of information which makes me glad to me a member!”

Mary Jean Anderson
Owner, Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air
San Diego, CA
PHCC of San Diego

INSURANCE: Interwest Insurance Services provides in-house discounted insurance management services for PHCC members on behalf of the PHCC Medical Insurance Trust.  Every detail of your health plan is handled by our knowledgeable staff, who maintain the highest level of commitment to providing the best insurance plans available for you and your employees. (See link below)

We represent many fields in the PHC industry: plumbing, process-piping, backflow, refrigeration, fire sprinkler, air conditioning, heating-warm air, sheet metal and ventilation.  Contact PHCC of California toll-free at 800-780-7422 for more information today!

Training with the PHCC-GSA-PUAC Plumbing Apprenticeship and Trainee Program benefit both the employee and employer; and contributes skilled Journey-Level plumbers to the Plumbing Industry. PHCC-GSA-PUAC offers programs with a history of graduating qualified Journeymen.
Interwest Insurance Services provides comprehensive insurance management services for PHCC members on behalf of the PHCC Medical Insurance Trust. They handle every detail of your health plan, and are committed to providing the very best insurance plans available for you and your employees.
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