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Program Overview

Apprenticeship Programs

The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling-Contractors Plumbers Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee (PHCC-GSA-PUAC) currently offers both a State-Approved Plumbing Apprenticeship Program and a parallel Plumbing Trainee Program. We also offer a Federally Approved Apprenticeship Program.

Apprenticeship Program

The PHCC-GSA-PUAC is currently approved within 47 Northern Counties to offer a state-approved Plumbing Apprenticeship Program. The Apprenticeship Program is currently a four-year program consisting of 7,200 hours of On-The-Job training and 800 classroom instruction hours. Students work for a Sponsoring Contractor, getting paid for what they learn on the job. Contractors sponsor their employees in the program, paying their school tuition. Students are taught all facets of plumbing from residential, to service & repair, to Commercial work. Graduates of the PHCC-GSA-PUAC Apprenticeship Program are well-rounded qualified Journey-Level Plumbers. Apprentices in the PHCC-GSA-PUAC Apprenticeship Program are registered with the Division of Apprenticeship Standards and are certified to work as apprentices on public works projects.

Four-Year Trainee Program

Because PHCC believes in training, assisting the plumbing Industry, and the right to an education for all Californians, regardless of their county of residence, the PHCC began a Plumbing Program that parallels its Apprenticeship Program and is offered to all contractors throughout the State. The PHCC-GSA-PUAC offers a four-year training program at a concentrated training center in Sacramento with the ability to service all counties in California. The only difference between the apprenticeship and trainee programs is that trainees are not registered with the Division of Apprenticeship Standards and cannot work as apprentices on public works projects. However, the trainee still receives the same education and training as the apprentice. The trainee program is a four-year program, consisting of 7200 On-The-Job training hours and 800 classroom training hours.

Federally Approved Apprenticeship Program

PHCC also offers a four-year Federally approved Apprenticeship Program designed for apprentices who work on federal prevailing wage jobs.

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