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PHCC-GSA-PUAC Plumbing Apprenticeship and Trainee Program Employer Requirements and Costs

Participation in the PHCC-GSA-PUAC Apprenticeship & Trainee Program requires:

  1. Possession of a C-36 or C-20 License
  2. Agreement to train according to the PHCC Rules and Regulations and Division of Apprenticeship Standards (if applicable)
  3. Agreement to make the following training contributions:
    • One Dollar ($1.00) per hour for private work for all apprentices or trainees. Minimum weekly contribution per apprentice/trainee is $40.00; average yearly cost to train an apprentice is $2330.00
    • One Dollar ($1.00) per hour for public work for all apprentices or trainees. Training contributions for journeyman plumbers are determined by the county in which the work is performed
    • $350.00 annual enrollment fee for all students, to be paid prior to students attending the first semester of classes
    • A non-member sponsor may enroll an employee for an annual fee of $1,000.00

As a participating contractor, you may either:

  1. Enroll your current employees in the program; or
  2. Hire from a list of approved applicants awaiting hire.

Apprentice & Trainee Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants residing within the 47 Northern Counties are eligible to participate in the State-Approved Apprenticeship Program. Applicants residing outside of the 47 Northern Counties are eligible to participate in the Training Program or the Federally Approved Apprenticeship Program.

Potential students with the PHCC Program must:

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years old
  • Have a High School Diploma or equivalent GED or High School Proficiency Certificate
  • Be physically able to perform the work of the trade
  • Complete an enrollment application.
  • Pass Entrance Exam:  Entrance Exams are offered Monday –Thursday from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm at the Sacramento Location. Contact the PHCC Training Facility to schedule your entrance exam or attend one of the testing dates during our drop in dates.  You will take a written examination consisting of reading comprehension, math, and a ruler exam
  • Pass Oral Interview:  You will be given an oral interview by one of the members of the training staff

Please phone or email the PHCC-GSA-PUAC training facility to verify information or to schedule a testing date for applicants.