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Employer Requirements & Costs



PHCC-PUAC Apprenticeship Program and Trainee Program

Current PHCC Member at a Local, State and National Level

Possession of a C-36 or C-20 State Contractor License

For Apprentices:  Signed DAS-1 Apprenticeship Agreement to train according to the PHCC GSA PUAC Rules and Regulations and the Division of Apprenticeship Standards.

For Trainees:  Signed Agreement to train according to the PHCC Rules and Regulations for sponsoring a Trainee.

Signed Agreement to meet the following training contributions per apprentice and/or trainee:

  • Minimum $160 (for a 4 week month) or $200 (for a 5 week month) monthly training contribution on each apprentice or trainee. This amount may be a combination of both private and public training contributions.
  • Private contribution rate is currently $1 an hour for each hour worked.
  • Public Training contribution hourly amounts are paid in accordance to the Director of Industrial Relations wage sheets for the county where work is performed in.
  • All training contributions for journeyman plumbers hours worked on a public works job will be made to the PHCC PUAC at the rate determined by the county in which the work is performed.

Annual Enrollment Cost

Enrollment fee for all students to be paid prior to students attending the first semester of classes, along with purchase of student’s first UPC Book.

PHCC Members: $350.00 per student

Non-Members: $1,000.00 per student