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PHCC Training Schools Near You

PHCC of Alameda & Contra Costa Counties
Four-Year Plumbing Training Program
Description: This program is a 4-year Federally Registered training program. Must be 18 years old, with A high school diploma or GED and valid CA driver’s license, as well as successfully passing written and oral exams.  Non PHCC Members are welcome to apply.
Location: PHCC of Alameda & Contra Costa Counties
135 Lindbergh Ave. #C – Livermore, CA
Cost: Contact Chris Bonetti for cost information
Contact: Chris Bonetti @ 925-455-4188
Membership Required: Yes
PHCC Northern California
(all 48 NoCal Counties)
PHCC GSA Concentrated Training Program
Description: This program is the only merit shop 4-year State & Federally Registered Apprenticeship & Training program for 48 Northern California Counties for the plumbing classification. Employers wishing to utilize apprentices on public works projects MUST use state-indentured apprentices.
Apprentices attend the concentrated training classroom schedule, two weeks in the fall and two weeks in the spring.  This is a PHCC employer-sponsored program, where students earn while they learn.  A high school diploma or GED and valid California Driver’s License is required, as well as successfully passing written and oral exam.
This program consists of 800 classroom hours and 7200 On The Job Training Hours and meets the Skilled & Trained Workforce Requirement.  Our program is overseen by the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards and the Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship, as well as our Local Education Authority, San Joaquin College.  Students who successfully complete the program receive a certificate from the California State Apprenticeship Office, as well as the PHCC of California Journey level Certification Card, certifying that they have achieved journey level status in their trade.  This card is recognized state and nationwide as true journey level certification.
Location: 1820 Tribute Road, Suite A, Sacramento, CA  95815
Cost: Contact Theresa Perez, Training Coordinator
Contact:Theresa Perez @ (916) 640-0910
Membership Required: Yes
PHCC of Greater Los Angeles Area
Four Year Journeyman Plumbing Training Program
Description: Founded in 1968, the PHCC Los Angeles Training Program was created to meet the needs for superior education in the plumbing trades by PHCC-GLAA member contractors. This program marked the first PHCC Educational Program in California and is a Non-Profit Community Educational Resource. As time passed additional trades were added and since the 1990’s both HVAC and Backflow (USC Curriculum) have been taught along with specialty skills such as med gas, brazing, butt fusion as well as manufacturer directed training. The facility is more than 8000 sq. ft., and includes four “technology enhanced” classrooms and two large labs, one for HVAC and one for Plumbing and Backflow.
 Four Year Journeyman Plumbing Program
Description: Program provides training at both the apprenticeship and journeyman level, with classes held during evening hours allowing students to complete a full work day, gaining on-the-job experience and putting their training into practice. The combination of “hands on” training and classroom theory under the supervision of our field-experienced instructors has proven highly effective in preparing the graduates with marketable job skills.  The journey level exam is included upon completion of this program.

Four Year HVAC ProgramDescription: Program provides training that includes course work covering Introduction to the HVAC trade, HVAC fundamentals, Psychometrics, Gas & Electric Furnaces, Heat Pumps and Preventative Maintenance. The program is designed to give a broad view of the HVAC industry while focusing on the major aspects presented in the field. Each student becomes EPA608 certified upon completion.

14-Week Backflow Program
Description: Introduction, theory of backflow protection, laws, rules and regulations governing cross connection in Los Angeles County, theory of operation and method of testing; reduced pressure, double check valve assembly and pressure vacuum breakers.  Troubleshooting procedures and repair techniques for reduced pressure vacuum breaker, double check valve assembly and pressure vacuum breakers.  Students receive a certificate to meet the requirements of Los Angeles County Health Department for testing.

Location: PHCC-GLAA Training Program
2869 Glenview Ave. – Los Angeles 90039
Cost: Contact Sandi Soleta, Executive Director
Contact: Sandi Soleta @ (323) 913-7344
Membership Required: No

PHCC of Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties
PHCC Plumbing Training Program
PHCC-ORSB’s 4-Year Journeyman’s Plumbing Training Program is designed to give you knowledge needed to become a competent Journeyman Plumber.Our instructors, Mike Obenshain, a licensed Plumbing Contractor and Doug Allen, a Certified ICC and IAPMO Plumbing Inspector with over 22 years of plumbing teaching experience use a combination of Lecture, Video, and Hands-On lab training.   The Program is supported by the Industry and Manufacturers, introducing the newest and most up to date best and safe practices available.Come train with us, the program is fast paced and helps you understand the Plumbing Code and Hands-On training, using proven instruction and teaching styles that are designed to quickly build on your abilities to understand and install plumbing systems, making you a more valuable asset to the industry.Our program is one of the few programs available that walk you through your first four years of apprenticeship, with testing upon completion that could lead you to Journey-level Plumber Certification.Classes are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 6-10 pm; each year’s program is for 38 weeks starting in September each year.  Another Plumbing 101 class may be offered later in 2016 due to demand,  contact Doug Allen for more information
Location: PHCC ORSB Office
155 East Liberty Avenue #AB
Anaheim, CA  92801
Cost: Douglas Allen, Department Chair of Trades & Operations
@ (714) 896-0153
PHCC of San Diego

The Plumbing Apprenticeship Program is a 4-year program, federally approved by the Office of Apprenticeship, Department of Labor.  Companies are able to Federally register apprentices as well as enrolled in the training program.  It offers 156 hours of related classroom instruction per year.  Classroom subjects include drafting and blueprint reading, mathematics, safety, state and local plumbing codes and regulations.  The Apprenticeship Program gives trainees a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the plumbing trade.  As time progresses, business owners and consumers recognize the value to of skilled PHCC professionals and look for the PHCC logo first.

HVAC Training Program

The 2-year HVAC program was started in October 2013.  Each student becomes EPA608 certified and upon completion ICE certified, with the opportunity to continue on to become NATE certified.  The course is designed to provide a working knowledge of the latest tools, equipment and technologies.  It provides superior hands-on information needed to successfully maintain and troubleshoot today’s complex heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.  The program fosters a solid foundation and understanding of environmental problems and their solutions, and displays a depth and detail of theory, diagnostics, and repair procedures.


Students attend class one evening per week, 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for 39 weeks.

For optimal learning, class size is limited to 20 students.

The training program employs industry professionals as instructors.

As part of the curriculum, industry experts demonstrate cutting-edge products and technology, along with innovative production techniques.

Location: 9920 Scripps Lake Drive, Suite 102, San Diego, CA  92131
Contact: 858-693-3855 Ofc