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Legislative Updates

Find important legislative news, code updates and advisories on this page.  For more information, contact Tracy Threlfall, Executive Vice President at 916-925-7390.

PHCC of California offers the following Legislative Benefits:

  • Federal Advocacy. CAPHCC monitors a variety of advocacy sources for Federal efforts that affect open-shop contractors. CAPHCC works closely with National PHCC and participates in their annual Capital Hill event.
  • State Advocacy. CAPHCC reviews all introduced legislation and continually monitors amendments for bills that may affect the interest of CAPHCC members. Upon approval of CAPHCC leadership we convey positions on Legislation to the authors, appropriate committees and administration officials.
  • Regulatory Advocacy. CAPHCC reviews all proposed regulations for changes that may affect the interest of PHCC members. Upon approval, CAPHCC will convey positions on regulations to the appropriate agency officials.
  • Communications. CAPHCC provides regular updates of Legislative and Regulatory activities to its members.
  • Web page. CAPHCC provides a link for the CAPHCC members to observe all legislation monitored on behalf of CAPHCC.  Click here to find ‘BILLS WE’RE WATCHING’.
  • CSLB & CAC. CAPHCC’s interests are represented at the Contractor State License Board, the California Apprenticeship Council, and numerous other regulatory agencies
  • Collaboration.  With a full time lobbyist in Sacramento, CAPHCC has an established link with other open-shop contractor groups like CFEC, ABC, WECA and AGCSD. We also interact with a broader coalition of business groups such as CalChamber, CALBO, CBIA, California Association of Realtors to name a few. And finally, while we represent the open shop plumbing contractors, we recognize the influence wielded by the construction trades unions. Our lobbyist has a cordial working relationship with all of the trades and can collaborate on issues that cross the usual union/open-shop divide.

14-01_FINAL CSLB Clarified New Law Requiring Repl Plbg Fixtures 011714.pdf

PHCC of California Legislative Year in Review