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Our First Success Story – Jason & Nolan

Thanks to the generosity of those who donated to the ‘Austin Barker Copper for Kids Memorial Fund’, PHCC of California has our first success story.  Please read below (and grab a tissue, just in case).

PHCC of California
and the
Austin Barker Copper for Kids Memorial Fund
Making A Difference

Jason was found in a bar parking lot on the side of a highway at the age of 3 with a hammer in his hand, looking for food to eat. Local law enforcement was contacted and when they went to Jason’s house, they found his brother, Nolan, unattended with no adult home. The brothers were placed into foster care due to neglect, unsanitary living conditions and the lack of supervision at home. Jason and Nolan displayed behavioral and emotional difficulties, showed very little social skills and ended up bouncing from foster home to foster home.

In January 2013, the boys were referred to Sierra Forever Families’ CapKids program to work towards finding an adoptive family for them. Through matching events and collaboration with multiple agencies, CapKids found an experienced family that had adopted a sibling set of two (brother and sister) with behavioral issues only 2 years prior. After full disclosure and meeting with the prospective family, they decided that they wanted to meet Jason and Nolan.

They boys began to form healthy and natural bonds with the adoptive family during pre-placement visits despite the foster family’s efforts to sabotage the adoption because they believed the brothers were ‘unadoptable’. The family was uniquely able to pull the boys out of their shells and allow them to be kids. After many visits, the boys were placed into their new home. Since then, the boys have both been mainstreamed into regular classes. Jason has been able to develop healthy relationships with peers. Nolan is in equine therapy and getting A’s and B’s in school. They boys have really connected with their adoptive parents and as a family they have enjoyed boating, camping, hiking, drive-in movies and birthday parties with friends. There have been trying moments and the family has sought out family therapy for the whole family. They also attend Sierra’s adoption mentorship program supporting other families through the journey of creating a family. Jason and Nolan’s forever family is looking forward to their finalization set for April 26th.

At Sierra Forever Families, we believe no child is unadoptable and every child deserves a forever family. Since 1983, Sierra Forever Families has placed over 3,200 children in permanent homes. Thank you to the PHCC of California and the ‘Austin Barker Copper for Kids Memorial Fund’ for making a difference in the lives of local children and youth in foster care.

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