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Austin Barker Copper for Kids Memorial Fund

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In remembrance of their son Austin, President Mike & Brenda Barker have established The Austin Barker Copper for Kids Memorial Fund.  Proceeds are donated 100% to Copper for Kids/Sierra Forever Families or to the local PHCC Association supporting Copper for Kids in your area.

About Austin Barker:
Austin was a very bright young man.  When he was five he found an interest in chess.  Within a very short period of time he was entering tournaments with kids his own age and usually was in the top of his group.  As a young man he was an avid reader going from one series of books to the next.   In the sixth grade he developed a passion for basketball, playing continuously on various teams through his graduation from high school.  As an adult his interest turned to plumbing and working towards his goal of one day running the family business.   Austin, the man, was compassionate and very sensitive to other people’s needs.  He was always there to lend a hand.  He was a beautiful person both on the surface and from within.  Although Austin left us before he could fulfill his dreams, we know nothing would have made him happier than to be able to help bring hope and comfort to someone in need.  Copper For Kids is an opportunity to keep Austin’s memory alive through a child who may otherwise have no direction or chance of a normal childhood.

To make your tax-deductible donation, please click here to complete your donation online or mail to:

The Austin Barker Copper for Kids Memorial Fund
c/o the PHCC of California Education Foundation
1820 Tribute Road, Suite A
Sacramento, CA  95815

Donors thus far include:

Mike & Brenda Barker of Barker & Sons Plumbing, Inc.
Louis Senteno of J & D Plumbing

Geno Caccia of James Caccia Plumbing, Inc.
Guy Tankersley & David Bernhard of Cal Delta Plumbing, Inc.
Robert Feldmann of All Knight Plumbing

Patrick Wallner of Wallner Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning
Arnie Rodio of Pace Setter Plumbing, Inc.
Cheryl Mosier of Cable Pipe & Leak Detection, Inc.
George Salet of George Salet Plumbing
PHCC of the Greater Los Angeles Area

Jerry & Tracy Threlfall
Quality Service Contractors
Richard Markuson of Pacific Advocacy Group
Annie Birnie

Alicia Dover, PHCC Texas
Jody Elrod, PHCC Texas

Lisa Mees
Steven Lord
Dave & Cookie Marquez of
Dial One Sonshine Heating, Air, Plumbing & Electrical
Justin Wagoner
Beth Dobkin
Laurie Crigler
Jennifer Betz
Tim & Sarah Randall
Paul Charles
Tech Appraisals dba RSM Valuation Services, Inc.
Theresa Hedrick
Richard & Elaine Carrington
Greene & Associates
Gerhard Kiessling of Minuteman Plumbing
Danielle Dorsey of PHCC of San Diego
EPL Solutions
Debra McKernan
Susan Berkstrom


PHCC of California thanks the Barker Family and all contributors for their selfless generosity in Austin Barker’s name.

To date the Austin Barker Copper for Kids Memorial Fund has raised $6793.25

Sierra Forever Families informs us that it takes $5000 to fund assistance in placing a child in a forever home.  Thanks to you, Josh & Nolan are being placed into a FOREVER home, and their lives are changed forever.  Let’s continue to make a difference in children’s lives… for the love of children, Austin, and PHCC.

For more information contact Tracy Threlfall, Executive Vice President at 916-925-7390 or