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What is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a systemized manner of training, encompassing both on-the-job training and classroom instruction. The apprentice/trainee will work a minimum of 7,200 on the job hours and must attend class for a minimum of 800 hours during their apprenticeship/training.

How long are the PHCC-GSA-PUAC Apprenticeship and Training Programs?

The PHCC-GSA-PUAC Apprenticeship Program is a four-year, state-approved apprenticeship program for those individuals who reside within the 47 northern counties of California. The PHCC-GSA-PUAC Plumbing Trainee Program is also a four-year program, and individuals throughout the state are welcome to participate.

Does the apprentice/trainee get paid during his/her training?

Yes, the apprentice/trainee is paid for his training. Apprentices are paid according to the public works determinations for the county in which the work is performed. Trainees are paid according to the wages determined by his/her individual employer’s guidelines. The apprentice/trainee will receive periodic increases in pay, typically every 6 months, during the term of their training.

Can the Apprentice/Trainee switch jobs during his/her training?

The apprentice/trainee cannot change employers without prior approval from the PUAC master committee. If an apprentice/trainee is laid off from an employer, the apprentice/trainee must contact the PHCC-GSA-PUAC Training Facility so employment with another sponsoring employer can be found for them. If an apprentice/trainee is terminated from an employer, the apprentice must contact the PHCC-GSA-PUAC Training Facility to determine future employability and to be dispatched to other sponsoring contractors in the program.

Must the apprentice/trainee attend classes?

Yes. The apprentice/trainee must attend all classes scheduled during the four-year program. Unexcused absences will result in the apprentice/trainee being scheduled for a disciplinary hearing and possible expulsion from the program. Classroom instruction is a vital part of the training process and as such, the apprentice/trainee must attend that instruction.

Why should a contractor participate in the programs offered by the PHCC-GSA-PUAC Training Facility?

The industry is currently lacking skilled labor to supply all facets of work in progress. Without training, this problem will only increase. By training today’s workforce, the Industry’s future will be secure and the contractor will be a more competitive force. PHCC-GSA-PUAC has been in the business of training since 1993.