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The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association has been helping P-H-C contractors reach their goals and combine their strengths for over 120 years. PHCC of California delivers resources and training that advance the P-H-C industry as a science and a profession.

Why do the industry’s top independent contracting professionals join PHCC?

ACCESS:  You are the one your employees turn to when they need answers. Who do YOU turn to when you need an answer?

  • At PHCC we’re here to help. When you join, you are part of a diverse group of contractors. Our members operate large, medium and small companies. We perform work in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects, and engage in maintenance, remodeling and service and repair.  We are the nation’s oldest trade association
  • Our contractor/members share their best practices at lunch and dinner meetings, holiday events, trade shows, conventions and conferences.
  • We are not your competition, we’re your colleagues and we GET the challenges you face like no one else does.

EDUCATION: In response to the growing demand for qualified plumbers and as a service to the industry, the PHCC of California offers the CAPHCC Journey Level Certification Test & Preparation Course.  This is an important opportunity for improved success for you or your employees, better quality of workmanship and increased credibility for your company.

Why test for the PHCC of California Journey Level Certification?  If you want…

  •     To demonstrate your advanced knowledge in the plumbing industry
  •     To gain instant professional credibility
  •     To have knowledgeable conversations with clients/homeowners
  •     To stand head and shoulders above the competition
  •     To increase your earnings potential
  •     To advance your career


PHCC of California offers a Federally Registered Apprenticeship Program statewide, with training schools in Sacramento, Alameda and San Diego.  PHCC GSA PUAC offers a State Registered Apprenticeship Training Program in Sacramento available to contractors in 46 Northern California counties. (See link below)

In addition, almost every local PHCC association offers comprehensive and state of the art plumbing training to its members.  Contact your local PHCC association for further details.


  • PHCC of California offers our Member-Contractors industry representation on a local, state and national level.
  • Deborah K. Maus, CAE, Chief Executive Officer & Richard Markuson, CAPHCC lobbyist participate in meetings across the state and in Washington, DC petitioning on behalf of the open shop contractor and acting as YOUR VOICE for free and open competition, and fighting against unreasonable taxation and regulation.
  • PHCC of California sends out ACTION ALERTS – a call to action for our membership, typically a one-click letter writing campaign on issues critical to our membership.We are constantly monitoring local and state legislation to assure that any new legislation does not impact our business climate in a negative way.
  • PHCC of California partners with other associations such as CFEC, CAAAT and CSLB and pursues the enactment of legislation focused on improving the strength and reputation of the industry.
  • On the national level, PHCC National’s Director of Government Affairs Mark Riso works directly with members of Congress on issues critical to our industry.

Whether it is fighting for fair and open competition, or a bill at the Capitol, raising professional standards, implementing new ways to educate busy contractors or developing tomorrow’s apprentices and trainees, PHCC of California continues to make a positive impact for our Member Contractors at the government, business and industry levels.

Our Mission Statement:

The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association is dedicated to the advancement and education of the plumbing and HVACR industry for the health, safety, and comfort of society and the protection of the environment.